Pre Primary

The Pre-primary Programme at R. N. Tagore Senior Secondary School comprises of Lower and Upper Kindergarten (LKG & UKG)

The objective of the pre-primary programme is to build a firm foundation for lifelong learning. A child?s early learning experiences help shape his/her outlook on life and powerfully influence his/her style of learning & behavior.

The corner stone of our early childhood programme is based on the fact that each child has unique potential which needs to be tapped through his/her unique learning style. The pre-primary curriculum is delivered through the ILLUME approach. By planning learning opportunities with your children?s unique personality styles in mind, we nurture their positive feelings about themselves.

We help them learn what they are good at, what they enjoy and what makes them feel good about themselves. The integrated method is holistic and child-centered with no arbitrary compartmentalization of subjects. It seeks to give a complete experience to your child within his/her range of experience and understanding. The approach goes a long way towards shaping a wholesome and healthy personality and it gets him/her prepared for primary school.