The school has a well stacked library with a wide collection of books on

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The school has large well equipped laboraties science lab for Physics, Chemistry,

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The school have excellent arrangement for extra co-curricular activities

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R. N. Tagore Senior Secondary School is standing for Discipline & Quality Education. The school believes in value education. The school provide conceptual development through various teaching material aids. The school has communicative approach of language teaching. The school provide individualized & L.L. Levels of learning.

The school has well equipped Science & Computer Lab, Spacious and Airy Class Rooms. The school provide healthy and happpy environment. The school have spacious, play ground with playing facilities. The school have excellent arrangement for extra co-curricular activities. The school provide opportunity for personality development classes for students. The school provide conveyance facility for Boys & Girls.

School Motto

Education for equality, elegance and excellence.
Equality : Each child deserves equal opportunities-to acquire skills of self direction and self-responsibility as a contributing member of a democratic society.
Elegance : Each child need opportunities to acquire a good taste for things for himself / herself for graceful, mannerly and disciplined living in his immediate environment and in the society at large.
Excellence : Each child has equal right to participate in a programme of learning activities to develop his / her knowledge learningand skill for disciplined living and to complete for excellence in creativeness and innovativeness irrespect of his/her religion caste or creed.